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Pastor Gilbert Lozano came to the Arden Arcade community with a God-given burden for the people of this region of Sacramento. He is endeavoring to plant the Apostolic church that God gave him the vision to build. He has been working to grow and establish Four Corners United Pentecostal Church in Arden Arcade. 


Pastor Lozano earned B.A. degrees in Biblical Theology and in Missions from Christian Life College in Stockton, CA in 1993.  As an active ordained minister of the gospel licensed by the UPCI since 1993, he has acted in various capacities including that of an associate pastor as well as children's ministry and youth camp director for many years. 


Pastor Lozano has been happily married to Cindy for over twenty-eight years. They have four children at home ranging in ages from eighy to twenty-two years old. They have lived in the Sacramento area for most of their lives. He was also privileged to serve in the U.S. Army prior to marrying his wife.


Families with special needs members are especially dear to their hearts. The Lozanos' late son had many health issues resulting from meningitis he contracted as a newborn. (He died when he was almost five.) They realize the extra responsibility that parents and siblings of special needs individuals carry, as well as the challenges to the individual also. 




Four Corners United Pentecostal Church is a church striving to be a 21st Century Apostolic Church. We are located in the community of Arden Arcade in Sacramento, California. 


We want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the many diverse cultures and people of Arden Arcade. 


Our Pentecostal worship is heartfelt, Spirit-led and uplifting.

Our Apostolic teaching leads us to continue on the path first walked by the Apostles of Jesus in the first century church.

We look forward to seeing others have the same life-changing experience as the church in the book of Acts on the Day of Pentecost.


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